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The mandate of the Audit & Finance Committee is to assist the Board in meeting its responsibilities by ensuring the adequacy and effectiveness of the corporation's financial reporting, internal controls, management information systems and risk management. The Audit & Finance Committee is directly responsible for the internal audit function, approving the internal audit charter, plan and resources and reviewing audit results. The committee has responsibility to:

  • Oversee the work of the internal auditor and external auditor;
  • Approve the internal auditor's annual audit plan, including any significant mid-year changes to the plan;
  • Resolve any disagreements regarding accounting, internal controls or auditing matters;
  • Retain independent counsel, accountants or others to advise the committee as required, or to assist in conducting an investigation; and
  • Seek any information it requires from external parties or employees to conduct an investigation.

The Audit & Finance Committee has the authority to authorize investigations into any matter referred to it by the Board, or any other matter within the committee's scope of responsibilities. The committee meets in-camera with the corporation's Director of Internal Audit, as necessary, to better understand the information presented by Internal Audit or any other relevant issues. 

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