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Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw are proud to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to organizations and events that make our communities better places to live.

Our Community Relations Year in Review provides an overview of our annual activities, types of investments and significant sponsorships. For more information, contact the Manager of Community Relations at

Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw dedicate a great portion of their sponsorship dollars towards charities and non-profits that support core community needs, which are organizations that help disadvantaged individuals get back on their feet. Charities that provide food, shelter, clothing, and/or other essential services or programming to at risk-individuals are key focus areas of the casinos.


Sponsorships & Financial Requests

SaskGaming, through Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw, is proud to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to organizations and events that make our communities better places to live.

You can read about our key areas of support in the community, and about how you can apply for one of our sponsorships.

Learn more about our sponsorships


Donation Boxes

The Donation Box Program is an easy way to give to charity. At both locations, our guests have the opportunity to donate cash-out vouchers, chips or cash directly into the donation boxes located on the gaming floor. Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw will then match these funds, up to $5,000.



Promotional Items, Cards & Coupon Requests

Learn how to apply for promotional items for a raffle/silent auction for your organization, like used playing cards and/or casino gaming coupons.


Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw Do Not Support:

  • Political groups or events;
  • Religious groups, events or projects;
  • Individual pursuits;
  • Capital projects;
  • Amateur sports teams (unless a strategic partnership can be established);
  • Out of province events or travel expenses;
  • Annual general meetings;
  • Publications, theatrical or video productions;
  • Graduations or family reunions; and
  • Events or projects where more than 50 per cent of the audience is youth (unless a strategic partnership can be established).


Disentitlement of Winnings

All disentitled funds from Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw are directed to SaskGaming's Community Giving program to be distributed to charitable organizations, projects and events in Saskatchewan.

Effective October 1, 2015, prohibited individuals are ineligible to receive any winnings including cash or prizes at Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw. Prohibited individuals are those voluntarily excluded from Saskatchewan casinos, involuntarily excluded from SaskGaming casinos and those under the age of 19.

Denying excluded individuals the opportunity to win removes the primary incentive to gamble and will help deter excluded individuals from entering SaskGaming properties. The disentitlement of winnings policy also strengthens the terms of the voluntary self-exclusion agreement which better supports individuals who have chosen to self-exclude from Saskatchewan casinos.

If you have any questions about disentitlement of winnings, please contact the Manager of Responsible Gambling at 306-787-2122.

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