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Downloadable Free Play

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Downloadable Free Play

We have upgraded our slot machine gaming system which now allows you to transfer free slot play points to and from your Players Club Account directly to a slot machine.

You'll now be able to redeem earned or promotional Players Club Points for free play right at your slot machine while you play. No more need for paper coupons!

In addition, you are able to have your free play points move with you from slot machine to slot machine.


The Basics

  • Any promotional free play on your account will be downloaded and used before earned credits.
  • Unused free slot play will return to your Points total when you remove your card.
  • All promotional Points redeemed and downloaded as free play credits will expire at the end of the gaming day.
  • Any earned Points downloaded as free play credits that were unused will return to your Players Club point total. These points will expire per the Players Club Terms & Conditions.
  • $1 in slot free play = 200 Players Club Points
  • Free Play can be redeemed on the iView of your slot machine. See below examples of iViews:

The iView

This is the screen that appears on your slot machine. The iView can be used for downloading free play, casino information & much more!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Downloadable Free Play FAQs

I visited Guest Services/the Cashier’s Desk/Players Club kiosk to redeem my Players Club Points for free play and there wasn’t an option. Why?

Downloadable free play has replaced the free play ticket you used to insert into the machine. You will now be able to download any available free slot play directly at your slot machine. Any promotional offers will still be redeemed to your Players Club account when you visit Guest Services, the Cashier’s desk or the Players Club kiosk. Your promotional free slot play will be added to your Points total; then you can download it onto a slot machine. All Players Club Points will be displayed as a dollar value on the slot machine.

How do I redeem Players Club Points for free slot play at slot machines?
  1. Press the FREE PLAY button on your machine’s iView bar.
  2. Enter your PIN.

  3. To redeem Points for free play, press WITHDRAW.

    *The total free play dollar value you see here is your total combined earned Points value and any promotional offers that you redeemed.
  4. Select an amount. Press YES to confirm or NO to cancel.

  5. Redeemed Points are now transferred to your game as credits. You can now play your free play!

Downloadable Free Play How-To

Downloadable Free Play How-To


Are there changes to the way I’ll receive my promotional offers?

You will still receive your promotional offers via direct mail, email or our Players Club newsletter. Instructions for redemption will be included with each promotion. The important thing to remember is the value of the promotional offer will now be placed onto your account as Points. Then you can pick your favorite machine and download the Points to start playing.

Suppose I’ve downloaded my promotional free play and I don’t use it immediately. The expiry for the promotion is later in the month. Can I still use it then?

No. Once the promotional offer has been claimed at Guest Services, a Cashier or the Players Club Kiosk you must use it (download it to a slot machine) by the end of the gaming day or it will expire. If you do not plan to use it immediately, wait to claim the promotional offer until you are ready to use it.

I downloaded my earned Points onto the slot machine for free play and forgot to play them all! Do they expire?

No. Any earned Players Club Points that you download to use as free play onto the slot machine will not expire. They will go back into your Points total at the end of the gaming day.

How do I know how many promotional Points I have left?

If you are unsure about how many promotional Points you have left to use, please visit Guest Services or the Cashier’s desk and they will be able to help you out. The Players’ Club Kiosks can also provide you this information.

If promotional offers are combined into my Points total and I download free play onto the slot machine, which is used first – the promotional offer or earned points?

Promotional free play will always be downloaded and used first. For example, if you are given $5 (or 900 Points) in promotional free play and you decide to download $10 in free play onto your slot machine it will use the promotional free play up first since it will expire first.

Do I have to use all my downloaded free play at one slot machine?

No. If you decide to switch machines while using downloaded free play, any unused free play will go back into your Points bucket. When you choose your new machine, you will then go ahead and download your chosen amount back onto the slot machine as long as you have a balance of at least $5 or 1,000 Players Club points.

So, my promotional offers are Points now… How are they calculated?

Your offers will be communicated in both forms. For example, $1 in free slot play = 200 Players Club Points; $5 in free slot play or 1,000 Points.

I see the minimum free play amount you can download is $5 or 1,000 points. What if I have less than 900 PC points on my account?

The minimum to withdraw Players Club points into free play onto the slot machine is $5 or 1,000 Players Club points. This means if you have a balance less than 1,000 points and you claim and redeem a promotional free play offer, you must play the whole amount of the free play at one slot machine or you will lose access to the remainder of the balance.

Can I still redeem my Players Club Points for show lounge discounts, food and beverage discounts or cash back?

Yes! You can still redeem your Points at Guest Services, a Cashier’s desk or the Players Club kiosk.

Is this feature available on all slot machines?

EFT is available on almost all of the slot machines. There are (4) old slot machines at Casino Regina that do not support this feature at this time. (ask a Slot Attendant to point them out; machine location numbers are 5010, 5011, 5012, 5013).

I have an old free play ticket that hasn’t expired yet. What should I do with it?

If the offer has not expired, please visit the Cashier’s Desk so it can be redeemed as Points to your account. These old coupons will not work in slot machines anymore.

Can I use downloadable free play at both Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw?

Yes. Rewards are portable between both SaskGaming casinos.

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