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Casino Etiquette

Every game has its rules. Here are some guidelines to follow while at our casinos and the Show Lounge to keep it fun for everyone.

Entry Rules

  • Minimum age 19 years.
  • ID compulsory.
  • Use of electronic devices is not permitted at table games or in Touch Bet pits.
  • Premises are monitored by video and audio surveillance.
  • Backpacks are not allowed on premises.
  • Inappropriate behavior toward our guests or staff may result in removal from the premises.

House Rules

  • NO MINORS – Visitors must be 19 years or over. Government issued ID may be requested at any time.
  • SMOKING – Smoking or use of e-cigarettes is not permitted on the gaming floor. We have designated outdoor smoking areas for guests. Use of tobacco pipes, cigars or chewing tobacco is prohibited in all areas.
  • ALCOHOL – Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw are licensed establishments. Beverages purchased on-site must be consumed on-site. Outside alcohol is prohibited. 
  • CANNABIS (ALSO KNOWN AS MARIJUANA) – Smoking or vaping cannabis is not permitted on the gaming floor or on the premises. Cannabis is not allowed in our designated smoking area.
  • DRESS CODE – Guests must be appropriately dressed. Any clothing depicting violence or associated with any known violent or criminal group is prohibited.
  • UNAUTHORIZED LOITERING – Unauthorized loitering or solicitation, such as: asking for change or cigarettes, picking cigarette butts off the ground outside the smoking patios or outside the building, or not actively gambling but watching other people play is not permitted. People exhibiting these behaviours will be asked to leave.
  • DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOUR – For everyone's safety; running, profane language, horseplay, littering, mischief, fighting, vandalism and carrying a weapon are strictly prohibited.
  • DISTURBING LITERATURE / SOLICITATION – Handing out printed material or literature, or solicitation or any kind (petitions, surveys, etc.) is prohibited on casino property unless given prior approval from management or the SaskGaming marketing team.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – We want you to remember your visit, but please respect the privacy of other guests. Photography is permitted with the exception of Cashier's Desks, surveillance cameras and live table games. No photos, video or audio recordings of another person may be taken without their consent. Intrusive or abusive behaviour is prohibited. Commercial photography must be authorized by management.
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES – Use of electronic devices is not permitted at table games or in Touch Bet pits during play. Guests must step away from the table or pit to use ther electronic device.
  • BAGGAGE – Backpacks and duffle bags are not allowed on the premises.
  • MONITORING – Premises are monitored by video and audio surveillance.
  • SERVICE ANIMALS – Approved service animals and guide dogs are permitted. All other animals and pets are prohibited from entering the casino.
  • ADMITTANCE – Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw reserve the right to refuse admittance. Inappropriate and/or abusive behaviour toward guests or staff may result in removal from the premises.
  • ENTITLEMENTS – Voluntarily self-excluded and involuntarily excluded individuals are not eligible to receive any winnings, credits or prizes. Withheld winnings will be directed to the Casino Cares program.

Let's keep Casino Regina a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Casino Chips

Value chips are used for betting on all card games. Value chips may be purchased at any table throughout the casino and are redeemable at our Cashier's Desks.

Colour chips are used for Roulette only. Each player receives a distinct and different chip colour to avoid confusion between winning bets. These chips have no value anywhere else in the casino. Colour chips are restricted to the table where purchased and must be exchanged for value chips before leaving the table.

Poker / Table Games

Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw intend to offer all guests a clean, friendly and pleasant place to play. Therefore, it is important to maintain a reasonable level of decorum.

  • Language and behaviour will be of a standard appropriate for ladies and gentlemen.
  • Only English will be permitted while a hand is in play.
  • Criticism of the way other players have elected to play their hands or their general style of play is impolite, undersireable and will not be tolerated. Repeated infractions will result in the guest being asked to leave for the day.
  • A player is entitled to enter or exit the game at any time without being subject to criticism from another player.
  • Talk or action demeaning of other players or employees will not be tolerated. Some examples include throwing cards, name-calling and other such behaviour.
  • Making statements of taking action that could unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not the guest is involved in the pot is unacceptable.
  • All cards are to be kept in plain view. Cards will never be held in a concealed manner below the table level or behind the edge of the table.
  • Acting out of turn, whether betting, calling or especially in Folding, is a serious violation of poker etiquette.
  • Showing your down cards to anyone during a hand, even if All-in is not allowed. If shown to an active player, then that hand must be shown to all active players.
  • Do not deliberately overstate your hand at showdown.
  • When going All-in, the player should announce that he/she is All-in.
  • There should be no agreement to check a hand to the showdown when a third player is All-in.
  • Deliberately splashing chips into the pot is prohibited.
  • Do not read another player's hand at the showdown before it has been placed face up on the table.
  • Needlessly stalling the action of the game is prohibited.
  • Discarded hands should be released in a low line of flight. (Not at the dealer's hands or board cards)
  • Food can be ordered at the poker tables when permitted. Side tables must be used. Soiled hands may not touch the cards. (Handi-wipes are available)
  • There are many situations in the Poker Room where action is considered improper, and it would not be proper to assign a specific penalty for them. A specific penalty cannot be used because the severity of the infraction is determined by the intent of the player.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted when a player has a live hand (guests are required to step away from the table to use their cell phones).
  • Angling is not permitted.
  • Players should familiarize themselves with our house rules and tournament rules prior to playing.
  • Casino Regina Management and staff thank all guests and players for their adherence to these rules of etiquette and decorum. 

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