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Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Players Club Reset FAQ

It’s January 1! Why don’t I know my Tier Status yet?

We are currently resetting all players in our database to reflect their Tier level for 2024 as part of our annual Credit Reset. This process takes several hours to complete. Please check back January 2 when this process is complete, and your Tier level is finalized.

Can I still use my Players Club Card during the Credit Reset?

Yes! During the annual Credit Reset, you can use your card as you normally would. You will still earn points, Tier credits and you can still redeem points for free play, food and beverage, and show lounge tickets, if you choose to do so!

Where is my monthly free play? Where are my annual bonus points? Where are my food and beverage credits?

Until the annual Credit Reset process is complete, and depending on your Tier status, monthly free play, annual bonus points and food and beverage credits will not be available until January 2. Thank you for your patience.

Will I still earn Players Club points on January 1?

Yes, you are still earning points. The annual Credit Reset process will not impact your point totals or earning.  

Will I still earn Tier Credits on January 1?

Yes, you will continue to earn Tier credits as you play but they will not be reflected until Jan 2.

When will this annual Credit Reset process be completed?

The annual Credit Reset process will be completed by January 2, at which time you will be able to print your new card and see your Tier level for 2024.


Players Club FAQ

How can I check my Tier or Players Club Points balance?

Check your balance by visiting the Players Club kiosks, or Guest Services Desk.

How is my Tier determined?

A member’s Tier is set in January and is determined by your total play in the previous year.

Do Tier Credits reset each year?

Yes—Tier Credits reset every January. Tier Credits are used to determine the Tier level you’re in. Your Tier for the current year is determined by your play from the previous year.

Do Players Club Points also reset?

Players Club Points only expire after 12 months of inactivity. As long as there is activity on your account at least once a year, the points will never expire.

Is it possible to be downgraded to a lower Tier?

Yes—you can be downgraded to a lower Tier if you fail to earn the required Tier Credits to maintain your current Tier level. A downgrade will only occur in January of each year, when Tier Credits are reset to zero. For example; if a Silver Member earns only 200 Tier Credits by December 31, they will become a Bronze Member in the following year.

Is it possible to be upgraded to a higher Tier?

Yes—you can be upgraded to a higher Tier by achieving the Tier Credits required for the next Tier. You earn Tier Credits from January 1–December 31. The activity in the year determines your Tier level for the next calendar year. If you play enough to reach the next Tier at any point within the calendar year, you will be automatically upgraded to the higher Tier the following day.

For example; if a Silver Member earns 5,430 Tier Credits, they will be upgraded to the Gold Tier level and will also be guaranteed Gold status for the following year.

Why do I need a new card every year?

Your Players Club Card expires at the end of every calendar year. In January, you are asked to visit Guest Services to be issued a new card reflecting the current year. Your old card will still work; however, you may be entitled to more Players Club benefits with your new card. If you moved Tiers throughout the year, your old card will not reflect your new status.

Players Club Points transfer from old cards to new cards as long as there remains activity on the account.

How do I print and redeem my monthly food & beverage credit?

Platinum and Diamond tier guests can redeem credit vouchers at the Players Club Kiosks or Guest Services and use them at any food outlet at Casino Regina or Moose Jaw. Any unused balance will expire at the end of the month.


Players Club Online Presale FAQ

What is it?

Players Club Members now have the ability to purchase tickets online during the Players Club presale. Previously the Players Club presale was limited to phone and in person sales only.

How does it work?

Players Club Members that have a valid email address on file will receive the password via email once a new show is announced! Enter that password in the “Promo Code” box when you purchase your tickets here.

What is Presale Elite?

Silver Members and higher are eligible for Presale Elite giving even earlier access to entertainment tickets. Some restrictions apply. See Box Office for full details. Offer valid on presale shows only. Must present Players Club Card in person at Box Office to qualify.

How do I sign up?

Not a Players Club Member? Fill out this form and pick up your Players Club Card at the Players Club Desk on your next visit.

Already a member? Visit the Guest Services Desk to update your email address to begin receiving the Players Club presale password.

Can I choose my seat?

Yes, you can choose your seats during the the Players Club presale.

Will I be charged a ticketing fee?

Yes, standard ticket service charges apply.

What if I don't want to give you my email address, how will I get the password?

To access the Players Club presale online, you must be a Players Club Member and have a valid email address. You can take advantage of the Players Club presale over the phone and in person without a password.

How do I purchase tickets during the Players Club presale?
  1. Enter the Players Club presale password in the "Promo Code" field.
  2. Click "Apply Promo Code" button.
  3. Select seats and then proceed to checkout.

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