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Mar 8

The Story of Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt is one of the biggest selling artists in music
history thanks to timeless hits such as “When Will I Be
Loved”, “You’re No Good” and “Blue Bayou”. Crowned the
“Queen Of Rock”, Ronstadt is much more than that. Her
career is an adventurous mix of unprecedented musical
versatility, political activism and female empowerment. It’s
one filled with almost unimaginable highs coupled with life-
changing challenges including the biggest battle of her life as

Parkinson’s disease threatens to take over the voice
loved and admired by millions of fans.
In “The Story Of Linda Ronstadt”, the superstar’s
amazing stories and songs are brought to life by
award-winning singer and actress Andrea House
whose powerful yet nuanced voice creates an
authentic experience of Ronstadt’s iconic
sound. Coupled with a full band and an
immersive multimedia presentation, the
show is an unforgettable and uplifting
celebration of the life and legacy
of one of the most admired and
inspirational woman in music
both on and off the stage.

Show Starts at 8pm ● Doors open 7:15 PM

Main Floor $35 + 11% tax and service fees
Balcony $33 + 11% tax and service fees

Sale Starts December 22 at 10am

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