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Apr 14

Ryan Edwards: LIMITLESS

Ever since a major accident 25 years ago, Ryan has been having dreams that tend to be out of the ordinary. Deja Vu isn't a show as much as it is a social experiment. No matter what questions he asks, or how much supposed free will the audience thinks they have, they are wrong. Scientists have posited that time is circular, and in these curves and using the power of his dreams Ryan is able to see glimpses of the future. There was no free will, because he already dreamt about this exact date 9 weeks ago. Are you ready to witness the Mentalism show that will bend your mind and leave you asking the question, "How is that even possible?!

Show Starts at 8pm ● Doors open 7:15 PM

Balcony $35 + 11% tax and service fees

Sale Starts January 24 at 10am

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