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April 6, 2017
Event Detail - Band

Date: April 6, 2017 7pm
Venue: Casino Regina Show Lounge
Doors Open: 6pm

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General Admission: $40 plus 5% tax

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Call me Mildy-Created as an independent original band, Regina's Call Me Mildy is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Greg Mildenberger. Mildy’s songs range from straight up cool rockin’ blues, jumpin harmonica, southern rock, tex-mex, and reggae-tinged offerings. Mildy writes songs that sound and feel right, it’s about the song, not the genre. And although often performs in blues events, the Call Me Mildy Band is truly a melting pot of styles.

Andino Suns –The music of Andino Suns may have been forged in the fire of Chilean revolt –which it undoubtedly is- but it is also rooted heavily in the fabric of the vast Canadian prairies.
Andres Davalos, as well as both guitar players Andres Palma and recent addition, Cristian Moya (formerly of Descalso), are the sons of political exiles who found security in the Canadian prairies. They were raised in households that cherished its Chilean heritage. They learned the language and the history; they read the books, watched the shows and, most importantly, they listened to the music.
Their raucous and memorable live performances have made securing festival gigs pretty easy; and the band’s popularity and skill continue to grow steadily

Alex Runions With a Billboard erected in his hometown by the folks of Kipling, Saskatchewan, Alex Runions, is a familiar act in the Saskatchewan music scene but industry experts are betting the singer/songwriter will breakout nationally. With the release of his 3rd charting single, If I Won The Lotto, and a fun and heartwarming music video shot in Nashville, TN – Runions trajectory is rapidly moving upward. As the 2016 top nominated male artist with the Saskatchewan Country Music Association, Runions leads with nominations in 5 categories; Entertainer of The Year, Make Vocalist of The Year, Song of The Year, Single of The Year & Album of The Year. With his honest voice, tireless dedication and heartfelt approach, Runions is someone to watch.

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