Big Wreck with special guest Ascot Royals

February 9, 2017
Event Detail - Band

Date: February 9, 2017 8pm
Venue: Casino Regina Show Lounge
Doors Open: 7:15pm

Ticket Prices
Tickets on sale November 25 at 10am
Main Floor: $40 plus 5% tax
Balcony: $40 plus 5% tax

This show is General Admission with
main floor tickets standing room only.


Returning to the studio for the first time since the success of 2012’s Albatross, Big Wreck approached the making of their fourth full-length album Ghosts, with a renewed sense of wonder toward the very things that turned them on to rock and roll in the first place. Prior to this and before Albatross, I always had to sneak music in somewhere between a designed pop hit, says frontman and guitarist Ian Thornley. That was never really my bag. This time I just sort of said, ˜you know what, I’m going to make an album that I would really, really want to hear and that I’m madly in love with, and that’s what we did.

The album, which took upwards of 6 months to complete and was recorded at Revolution Studios and Vespa Studios in Toronto, was a seemingly natural next step for the band. While it stays true to the driving intensity, booming drum sound and unbridled guitar virtuosity that has always made Big Wreck so appealing, it also explores bold new aural territory which sees the band letting their guard down for the first time to return to the seeds of long forgotten ideas. Now I find that I’m finally getting through a lot of concepts and tricks that I’ve always wanted to try on a record but had previously put on the backburner or even forgotten about, because it was always about crafting a hit, says Thornley. This time, nothing felt forced or rushed, everything just felt right and it’s so great to finally be able to indulge and to have that be okay.

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