Everly Brothers Tribute

January 20, 2017
Event Detail - Band

Date: January 20, 2017 8pm
Venue: Casino Regina Show Lounge
Doors Open: 7:15pm

Ticket Prices
Main Floor: $25 plus 5% tax
Balcony: $20 plus 5% tax

The fifties ushered in an era of change in North American pop culture. From the rebellious image of movie actor James Dean, to the unique looks, style and voice of Elvis Presley, change was everywhere. And nothing changed more than popular music, when “rock’n’roll”, a distillation of folk, blues and country sounds fused to a solid beat, hit the airwaves. Gone were the big orchestras, with their crooners and the bluegrass combos, with their banjos and fiddles, replaced by Leo Fender’s newfangled electric guitars in the hands of young trios and quartets, with racy new songs and energy to burn.

Guitars, pianos, saxophones and drums were standard components of rock’n’roll, but rhythm guitars and harmonizing vocals were king. And few had a better grasp of this craft that Don and Phil Everly, whose musical roots were in the country and bluegrass music of their family band. They were young, good-looking and they could play the strings off their acoustic guitars, while harmonizing in that unique way common among family vocal groups. All they needed was some catchy songs. And it wasn’t long before they found lots of them, courtesy of New Orleans-based songwriters Felice and Bourdelaux Bryant. A string of million-selling hits, including “Bye Bye Love”, “Wake Up Little Suzy” and “Bird Dog” followed, making them one of the most successful singing duos of all time.

Anyone who enjoys well-written songs, sung in harmony, can’t help but love Everly Brothers records. Audiences everywhere find their music infectious, a fact not lost on Jeff Scott and Bernie Jessome, a pair of Toronto-based entertainers, with a long history of singing the songs people know and love. These seasoned artists have been wowing audiences for years; Jeff, with his popular Buddy Holly show and Bernie, with his thrilling Roy Orbison tribute.

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