Play three-card poker against the dealer or bet that you’ll get a pair or better in your three-card hand.  Or do both at once.

Payouts: The dealer needs at least a queen to qualify.  If your hand beats the dealer’s qualifying hand, you win even money on both the ante and play wagers.  Your ante bet pays a bonus according to the payout table.

If your hand ties the dealer’s qualifying hand, both the play and the ante wagers are a push.  If you made a pair plus bet and your hand contains a pair or better, you win, according to the pair plus pay table. 

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, you win even money on the ante wager, and the paly wager is a push. 

Ante Bonus Pay Table

Hand Value Payout
Straight Flush 5 to 1
Three of a Kind 4 to 1
Straight 1 to 1

To play on your cards only, not against the dealer’s hand.

  • Make a “pair plus” wager
  • The dealer deals you three cards
  • If your hand contains a pair or better, you win, according to the pay table

Pairs Plus Pay Table

Pair Plus Pay Table Bonus Payout
Straight Flush 40 to 1
Three of a Kind 30 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Flush 4 to 1
Pair 1 to 1

GameSense Tip: Three card poker is the only poker game where a Straight beats a Flush

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