Blind bets must be posted before any cards are dealt.  As there is a professional dealer, a dealer button moves clockwise around the table.  All games require a small blind and big blind to the left of the dealer button.  

In live poker there are limit games and no limit games:

Spread Limit- This game has a predetermined betting structure (an establish minimum and maximum bet) and allows for any amount within that range to be wagered.

Limit- the minimum and maximum amount of a bet is fixed.

No Limit- players are allowed to wager any or all of their chips in a single bet.  There is a minimum bet but no maximum.  For example, a player can bet a minimum of $2 to a maximum of all their chips. 

GameSense Tip: Tournaments are a good way to manage your money as once the buy ins are done you can no longer spend any more money to play in the tournament.

GameSense Tip: Even though live poker does not have a house advantage built into the game it does not mean you are going to win.  Everyone else at that table is eager to take your money.

Illustration of a poker case opened, there are chips and playing cards inside, a book labeled "Poker" is in front of the case

GET HELP. If you are concerned about your gambling or someone you know, contact the Problem Gambling Help Line at 1-800-306-6789 or visit Where to Get Support.

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