Blackjack is a very popular table game.  It is easy to learn, but there are many intricacies.  Chance is a major factor in how well you do but if you study up on probability and strategy, you can improve your odds.  

The goal of blackjack is to create a hand with a higher total than the dealer’s (without going over 21 and busting!).  

Illustration of two cards; the ace of diamonds and Jack of spades


GameSense Tip:  Blackjack is not a team sport.  No one knows what card will be dealt next.

GameSense Tip:  Blackjack has an element of skill, but making the statistically correct play does not ensure a winning outcome.  You still can't control which cards are dealt on any given hand.   By following basic strategy you can reduce the house advantage and your cost of play.  Ask the dealer for a Basic Strategy Card or pick one up at the GameSense Info Centre.

GET HELP. If you are concerned about your gambling or someone you know, contact the Problem Gambling Help Line at 1-800-306-6789 or visit Where to Get Support.

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