Randomness refers to things happening by chance. That means there is no purpose, no plan, no pattern and it is never influenced by past patterns or events. It’s completely unpredictable. So that means that all the strategies and systems gamblers come up with to help them predict outcomes don’t work… at all. Gambling is all about unpredictability.

You can find randomness in a lot of things

  • Slot random number generators (RNG)  generating different combinations every millisecond
  • Shuffling multiple decks of cards in blackjack
  • Spinning the wheel in roulette

Hit Frequency

Hit frequency is defined as how often a slot machine will have a winning outcome and, like return to player, is usually given a percentage. So, a hit frequency of 10% means a machine will stop on a winning combination about 10% of the time. These percentages can range from 3% to 40%. Machines with smaller hit frequencies tend to have larger jackpot opportunities. Then there are the machines that offer multiple lines on each spin so they give the illusion that a player is winning more often, but in reality, the losing combinations will far outnumber the winning ones.

Illustration of a blindfolded man holding a large dart aiming at something to the left

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