Sometimes gambling stops being a fun and affordable activity

Spot the Signs:  Not everyone can gamble in a safe, healthy way.  For some, gambling can become a problem.  The more signs a person shows, the greater the chance that they may have lost control of their gambling.

  • Lying about the extent of gambling involved
    Telling a spouse you were working late but really spent time at the casino playing slot machines or table games.
  • Often missing work or school to gamble
    Missing work and having a hard time managing your workload and responsibilities.
  • Using gambling as an escape
    Gambling more and more to escape from the pressures of home and/or work.
  • Neglecting personal or family responsibilities to gamble
    Missing a child’s recreational activity or other obligations, believing a slot machine you have been playing was due for a win.
  • Believing the Big Win will solve the problem and bring gambling under control
    Thinking that if you can win that jackpot you can pay back the credit card and no one will know.
  • Gambling for longer and longer periods of time.
    Noticing the amount of time spent playing continues to go up and up. 

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GET HELP. If you are concerned about your gambling or someone you know, contact the Problem Gambling Help Line at 1-800-306-6789 or visit Where to Get Support.

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